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Traditional Scattering Urns: The Circle of Life

The commemoration of a loved one should flow with natural poise and beauty. The biodegradable scattering urns were created with this in mind. Whether you choose the biodegradable urn for scattering in water, or one of the specially designed hardwood scattering urns, you'll find that each provides a graceful way to say goodbye.

Aurora Scattering Urns, Batesville Options Scattering biodegradable Urns and Kelco Infinity Scattering Urns provide the highest brand name quality scattering cremation urns in the funeral and cremation industry. Funeral homes often charge excessive amounts to obtain the high quality of these brand name biodegradable scattering urns. Urn is the Internet's largest urn seller. That's why we can bring you these brand name scattering cremation urns direct, at guaranteed wholesale prices.

The biodegradable scattering cremation urns hold around 200 cubic inches, enough to hold all the ashes of an average person. When placed gently in water, the pressed cotton sculptural biodegradable scattering urns float serenely for one to five minutes before descending into the water. Family and friends will have time for prayers, tossing flowers into the water, or even making a toast to their departed loved one.

Scattering urns made of hardwood provide another way to return the ashes to nature. The hardwood scattering urns are lightweight and easy to open. Each hardwood scattering urn was specifically designed to meet the needs of a unique and personal ceremony.

The brand name Aurora, Batesville Options and Kelco scattering urns shown are outstanding in quality.

Once you select your scattering urn and want to place an order, click on the "Add to Cart" button and proceed to the checkout area or continue shopping. If you have any questions during the ordering process or at anytime, we are here to help. Just call 1-888-222-5955 or write us at . Scattering urn prices include standard delivery.

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