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I received the urn for my dad and it is absolutely beautiful! The engraving on the bottom was so nicely done too. I'm very happy with the urn and I know my dad would think so too. Thanks again for a wonderful piece of workmanship! W. W.
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Custom cremation urns & funeral cremation urns!

To celebrate a life, to honor a loved one, to remember a time gone by…

Sensitivity and care. The words accurately sum up the emotion with which our urns are created. Sometimes in life, only the best will do. This is one such moment. The best of everything: quality, workmanship and service. No compromises. Yes, we go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. Every day. Always.

This is our commitment. To bring you a plethora of exquisite, meaningful and affordable urns that befit the occasion. Presented at wholesale prices, this is home to hundreds of exceptionally crafted urns. We bring you creations of Batesville, Options, Aurora, Infinity and Kelco, right to your doorstep. Why? Because we care. Why spend an exorbitant amount when you can order a personalized urn right here?


Cast Bronze


Cast Acrylic

Gardening Series
Infant & Youth
Memento Chest
Sheet Bronze

The Urn Wholesaler advantage: Here’s how we can make this a simple process:

a. You are currently witnessing the world’s largest collection of high-quality urns.
b. Our easily navigable site offers easy order and payment facilities.
c. Urns are priced affordably, so finding the right one is guaranteed.
d. Our portal is open 24/7 to help you in your choice.
e. Free shipping and delivery, round off the benefits.

Exceptionally designed wood urns, granite urns and marble urns

Customer satisfaction is not a goal. It is a natural outcome of dealing with a premier company. Spend a few moments glancing at our urn catalog. Then you will know why we are the world’s preferred urn seller.

Our funeral urns and cremation urns are tastefully designed to preserve a memory. The wood urns are crafted to perfection, while the marble and granite urns exude elegance and style that is typical of natural stone.

Enduring bronze urns and exquisite Cloisonné urns

Bronze is beautiful. This is your ideal choice when durability is your main focus. The handmade artistry is truly remarkable. Personalized sheet bronze urns are also very popular for memorial purposes.

Experience the magic of the Orient, with Cloisonné urns that have extravagant floral artwork and intricate handmade designs. Or, if you prefer the simplicity of the ceramic urn, then you can find different varieties here.

Aesthetic garden urns and companion urns that are just right!

Amidst the serenity of the garden, place our weatherproof inspirational garden urns as a tribute to a loved soul. With personalized engravings this could be a keepsake to last a lifetime.

Funeral home urns, dual capacity urns and companion urns are available in different patterns and wholesale prices. You can surely find one that fits your budget and preference.

A plethora of cremation urn products right at your fingertips

Our collection of cremation urns extend to pet cremation urns such as cat cremation urns and cremation urns for dogs. In our discount cremation urns series, you can find a wide variety of cremation urn jewelry, cremation handcrafted hardwood urns, cremation urn keepsake, cremation urns for infants and many more.

Customized urns that will suit your every requirement

Whether you are looking to find a perfect funeral urn or a memorial urn, you can be rest assured that what you get is true value for your money. We take extreme care in creating products that withstand time and damage. Our personalized urns will accurately reflect the rich legacy of the departed soul.

As you meander through these pages, we hope you will experience the warmth and comfort, which we have tried to portray. We are willing to take every step to ensure that your need is met. Therefore, if you require a customized urn, please email or call us, so we can get right on the job!

Memories are priceless. Memories are also unique. Unrivalled in price and quality, our urns will be just what you are looking for.

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