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$50 OFF 2024 Sale on orders over $300 - Coupon: "MEMORIAL"---FREE SHIPPING + NO TAX
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Keepsake urns for remembrance

Remembering your loved one is part of the healing process. In addition to our full-size urn options, you might choose to give or keep a smaller gift of remembrance with beautiful keepsake urns. These small and precious reminders can help provide comfort for families as you honor and remember the one you loved. Choose from unique styles such as a wooden acorn or a handcrafted brass memento in the shape of a heart, rose or songbird.

Types of keepsake urns

Keepsake urns can be personalized by engraving names and dates, non-copyrighted lyrics, poems or quotes. As with full-size burial urns, there are many materials and shapes to choose from. Many of the full-size funeral urns also come in smaller keepsake sizes. Be sure to ask your Dignity Memorial® expert what options are available in keepsake sizes.

Materials for keepsake urns

  • Metal - Families can choose from a nickel-plated brass vase, shiny silver-finished brass, an intricately designed rose or a brushed-pewter heart.
  • Stone - Marble or natural textured stone are both options for a stone keepsake.
  • Wood - Wooden keepsakes can come in numerous shapes, such as a rectangle, heart-shaped or square cremation box, a star, or an acorn.
  • Lamps - Imagine a stained-glass butterfly lamp holding the cremated remains of your loved one and resting on a small table. Unique options like both the butterfly and a traditional lamp shape can be an alternative to a traditional-shaped funeral urn.
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