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$50 OFF 2024 Sale on orders over $300 - Coupon: "MEMORIAL"---FREE SHIPPING + NO TAX Your Source for Cremation Urns Your Source for Cremation Urns Your Source for Cremation Urns

Opting for cremation instead of traditional burial is a deeply personal choice. It's about celebrating a life, honoring wishes, and preserving dignity—all while considering practical and environmental factors. At, we offer a range of cremation urns to help you find the perfect balance of memorializing your loved one, whether human or pet, in a way that suits your needs and respects their wishes. Our extensive selection of urns ensures you'll discover a style that fits seamlessly into your home, family plot, or chosen scattering location, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cremation Urns for Every Need boasts one of the largest online collections of cremation urns, from extra-small keepsakes to large urns for sharing or scattering ashes. Whether you're searching for an urn for a family member or a cherished pet, our high-quality products offer a variety of options to commemorate a life.

What Defines an Urn?

An urn serves as a vessel to hold cremated remains. Our diverse range of urns caters to different preferences and purposes, depending on how you intend to handle the ashes. For those displaying the urn at home, we offer pieces that complement décor or reflect the loved one's interests. Families considering burial may prefer biodegradable options made from eco-friendly materials like paper, salt, or plants. Others planning scattering ceremonies may find our scattering urns or tubes ideal.

Why Choose

We curate urns from top industry manufacturers, ensuring quality and peace of mind when you shop with us. Our selection features various materials—ceramic, glass, marble, metal, wood, and more—to suit different tastes and budgets. Biodegradable urns are also available, designed for water burials or nature ceremonies with minimal environmental impact. Plus, we offer a best-price guarantee and a streamlined shopping experience.

Beyond urns, we provide scattering tubes for sharing ashes at memorial services. Lightweight and available in multiple styles, our scattering solutions complement unconventional settings and celebrate life beautifully.

Choosing a Cremation Container

Whether for display or burial, many choose to store ashes in a beautiful urn. Cremated remains can be laid to rest in a columbarium, cremation plot, mausoleum, or displayed at home. Our navigable menu helps you find the right urn by size, price, material, or style, ensuring a meaningful choice.

Determining Urn Size

Our urns are sized to accommodate specific amounts of ashes. Use our guide or contact us for assistance in choosing the right size, considering the general rule of 1 cubic inch per pound of body weight.

Let Us Assist You

Before making final arrangements, consult with your funeral provider regarding cemetery policies. Explore our planning guides or contact us for personalized assistance at (888) 222-5955 or online. We're here to support you during this time. Discover beautiful ways to memorialize your loved one at
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