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$50 OFF 2024 Sale on orders over $300 - Coupon: "MEMORIAL"---FREE SHIPPING + NO TAX
$50 OFF 2024 Sale on orders over $300 - Coupon: "MEMORIAL"---FREE SHIPPING + NO TAX

Teddy Bear Scattering Tube

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Original price $65.99
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Teddy Bear Scattering Tube

Introducing the adorable Teddy Bear Scattering Tube, the perfect way to honor and cherish the memory of your loved one. Crafted from sturdy cardboard, this top-opening tube is designed to hold up to 20 cu. in., measuring 3" in diameter and 5-1/4" in height, weighing just 1/3 lbs. It offers a unique and heartwarming way to scatter cremated remains in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

Key features include:

  • Adorable Design: Featuring a charming teddy bear design, this scattering tube adds a touch of warmth and comfort.
  • Sturdy Construction: Made from durable cardboard, ensuring the safekeeping of the cremated remains during scattering.
  • Convenient Size: With a compact 3" diameter, it is easy to hold and scatter the ashes in a preferred location.
  • Thoughtful Tribute: Provides a beautiful and respectful way to honor the memory of a beloved individual.

Embrace the loving gesture of scattering ashes with the endearing Teddy Bear Scattering Tube, designed to bring solace and comfort during a difficult time.