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How Much Does Cremation Cost?

If someone close to you recently passed away and you're going to be making all the funeral arrangements, then you must have a lot to sort out. Questions such as the cost of cremation vs burial might make it even more difficult for you to deal with the situation.

In this blog, we will take a quick look at the process of cremation and give you an estimate of the costs involved.

Why cremation over burial?
Cremation might be chosen due to a number of reasons. Some cultures practice cremation over burial, while other people just want to reduce the funeral costs as traditional burials are more expensive. In some countries, cremation may be the only option. For example, in Japan, cremation is the only choice as the island nation is too small to accommodate many graves.

Types of cremation and their costs
There is a whole range of cremation services available in different and unique packages. Let's take a look at some of the common options:

Cremation with a traditional service - This is much like a traditional funeral service where mourners get to see the casket and more before the body is ceremoniously cremated. This type of cremation usually costs more than $5000 as it includes casket rental, embalming, and many more services.
Cremation with a memorial service - Instead of going through the whole traditional service format, there are no caskets and embalming involved in this option, and the body is cremated quickly. As there is no need for extra services, the cost is lower, from around $2500 to $4000.
Cremation without a ceremony - This is a suitable option if you or the deceased prefer not to spend too much on the post-mortem arrangements. It does not even entail a simple memorial service as the body is cremated as soon as possible, leaving no need for any long service. Relatively it is the most affordable option people mostly pick - costs anywhere from around $700 to $1200.
Donating the body to science - if the deceased has willed it, cremation can be free with a body donation to science. This entails donating the body to an organization that will treat the body before cremating it. Due to the processes, cremation is a must after these actions, and thus the organization will not charge the deceased’s family.
Other factors affecting how much cremation costs
Location - some states in America charge more while others are more affordable. For example, cremation is fairly cheaper in Florida, California, and Colorado as opposed to states like Connecticut, Minnesota, and Nebraska.
Cremation casket - For legal and safety reasons a casket might be mandatory which can be either a $120 cardboard or a more expensive $400 wooden container, for example.
Urns - Whether you choose to bury the ashes or keep it for display at home, a cremation urn is required. There is a whole range of cremation urns available on the market - different types with varying prices.
Travel costs - If you plan to scatter the ashes, then some travel costs also need to be taken into account.
There are many factors at play as mentioned above. If you're looking for the most affordable option, you can get it for as low as $500. But keep in mind that the going rate for cremation is anywhere from $600 to $1200 in most states.

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