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$50 OFF 2024 Sale on orders over $300 - Coupon: "MEMORIAL"---FREE SHIPPING + NO TAX
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Small Urns for Ashes

Today we are going to talk about some other urns and cremation jewelry, in particular small urns for ashes.

It is very hard to lose a loved one and it is even worse when that loved one is a child. But these events happen and then you have to take care of the circumstances as you do when an adult passes away.

The Funeral Home gets involved and they can do a burial or a cremation, and of course take care of all the details that involve either one. If the cremation takes place, they will certainly use a small urn for ashes, also called infant urn or child urn.

At we have had these small urns for ashes since the beginning, they are certainly needed and we are here to help in case of an unfortunate event. These infant or child urns will hold remains from 10 cubic inches to 150 cubic inches, depending on the size and weight of the infant. For a newborn, a small 5 cubic inches keepsake will do the job, and from then on, can go all the way up to 150 cubic inches.

People usually do not know how big of an urn is necessary and that is why we have on our website a page where people can go and figure the size of the urn they need to get.

Often people would like to share the remains of the deceased and for this purpose we carry what we call keepsakes, which are very small urns that will hold only a little portion of the remains and that is the way family or friends can take a little portion with them to remember the loved one. And not only do we have the keepsakes or small urns to share ashes, we also have cremation jewelrythat has become very popular in the last few years.

Cremation Jewelry is just like regular jewelry, but it will hold a very little portion of the remains or an eyelash or eyebrow, etc., and people will carry the pendant or bracelet with them all over the place whenever they want to.

Cremation jewelry is very popular especially among women, and that is why designers have developed and crated thousands of styles, shapes, colors, combinations, etc., for a growing market. You will find people that like sports and you will have a pendant that matches that, or a musician that will be remembered in a musical note.

Infant or child urns, along with cremation jewelry and keepsakes are products that are necessary in a changing and growing world. Population is increasing every day, we are running out of space in cemeteries and prices are rising if you want one. So, the industry is changing very fast in the United States and all over the world to embrace cremation as the main option when someone dies, and at we understand that and have been in the market for 15 years helping people get the urns they need, the cremation jewelry they desire.

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